Strategic Plan

In May of 2011, the Hooksett Police Department began an audit of its operations.  The audit report presented in November 2011 contained numerous areas in which the Hooksett Police Department (HPD) could improve.

Rebuilding the HPD began in December 2011.  Initiatives such as improved communication, revision of the standard operating procedures, intensive hiring, and changing the organizational culture all began in the first six months of 2012.  After reaching a point of stabilization, the HPD embarked on the process of creating its first strategic plan.

A committee, comprised of a cross representative group of employees from the HPD, worked with the Public Safety Strategies Group to create the plan to act as blueprint for future operations.

Embracing the process, the committee reflected on the findings and recommendations of the audit as means to ensure that the HPD addressed gaps in areas such as training, deployment, improving technology, and community engagement in the future.

Most importantly resulting from the strategic planning process is a mission, vision, and values along with goals, objectives and strategies developed and endorsed by its employees.  This attached document reflects the work of the HPD Strategic Planning Committee on behalf of all the employees at the HPD.

Download the Hooksett Police Strategic Plan 2013 (pdf)

Strategic Planning Committee Members

Captain Jon Daigle

Lieutenant Michael Labrecque

Sergeant Jake Robie

Communications Supervisor Cindy Fowler

Administrative Assistant Jessie Ulliani

Officer Brian Williams

Officer Caitlin Rebe

Officer Michael Zappala